ARNT NUMBERS BRILLIANT! The York Leeds York Spotrive

March 18, 2017

medium distance: 10 = Moi,Rob Acko,Steve Lazenby, Smithy (AKA lots of different ones now)Andy Thcker,Josh, Jack, Ryan, Ryans Mate, John, Jacks mate all set off in a neat little peleton, Wheres Josh? Me and Jack waited for him: Whats up? Cant get into my cleats ....... They were completley worn down! He couldnt ride, so we left him (Basic Schoolboy error!) 9!!!!!! We sprinted off hoping to catch the others, they were waiting for us in Fulford, right opposite a bike shop, Andy T was dispatched to try and buy some cleats, shop closed....... Still 9 Onwards into a head wind, by his own admission Smithy was struggling, he was singing a little song to himself, at the back of the fast moving peleton , LOST IN FRANCE, didnt really get that one, BY this time Jacks mate had gone, I saw him 3 times Start halfway finish! 8, Ryans mate wasnt lost in France but was well tired so decided to do the short route 7..... I decided to stay with Smithy which left 5.... and 2..... The 5 blasted on to Harewood me and Smithy at a slower pace, then out of nowhere a big clunk from Bonnie Tylers bike, ooops Smithy sorry, Sounded like his chain had come off, but he had a spoke come off, both our combined technical ability, couldnt do anything, so I left him to wait for organiser assistance namely the Broom wagon, new handle which he doesnt like, Chris Broom!!!!!! 1....... I bombed off to Harewood , fortunatlet the 5 + Jacks mate 6......were waiting for me after they had been moved on by Lord Harewoods valet for loitering by his front door! 7 set off another quick sprint to Bramham, here Jacks mate, Andy Thacker and Jack bombed off after a very steep incline, 3 and 4 Jack got lost and somehow got behind me Rob Steve and Ryan, our 4 really put the hammer down here another incline and a left and still were I left him was Chris Broom looking not happy with himself...... we had a quick chat and bombed off again, Ive got to say the return to York was the hardest section and without the help of Acko Steve and Ryano I would still be pedalling now, ACKO and Steve I liken to two footballers gritty midfielder chasing everything ACKO and really steady Central Defender STEVE, both excellent Ride Captains looking after everyone on the day Thanks Chaps, Ryan, big man love you were awesome in supporting me. Any way we finally tip up at the finish all in a line 4..... 2 already finished and Jack just behind us. So another action packed day , loads of incidents and laughter as always...... THANKS YALL























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