Film stars for a day (Slippery when wet)

February 18, 2018

Before I start writing a few lines about another fun packed KCC Saturday breakfast ride can I please put the following on the record!
When I hustled my way to the front of the group when we were cycling down Swine road towards Kidhill lane with calls of ‘coming through’ and ‘on your right’ it was because I was feeling guilty about not having done a turn on the front and not because I knew the location of the production company cameras following our ride was coming up! 😉
Likewise, it was pure coincidence and a reflection of the ride that I happened to be on or near the front at each of the following camera locations and not because I had spent hours studying the route and pinpointing camera opportunities. Thank you. 👍
I’d also like to point out that it was unfair of Steve Anderson to fall off his bike in an attempt the get James Poulsom to do his ‘bunny hop over the fallen rider’ trick without letting him know he was about to do it. Anyway Steve, the location was away from the line of the camera so would not have earned any money from youtube views!!
Now to business, another cracking breakfast ride with cracking people in not quite ideal road conditions. Myself, James Poulsom, Mark Gilmour, Michael Meanwell,, Mark Grasby, Steve Anderson, John Drier, Lee Twidale, a quieter than normal Kevin Beswick (is that even possible?) and Sarah Sarah Caroline Hulme (to provide some good looks and Glamour for the camera) mustered at HQ for today’s club ride due to take in the flat delights of Holderness with a planned breakfast stop at the Coffee Barn. There was some rain forecast and the roads were greasy in parts, the knowledge that we were going to be filmed on route gave some added interest and provided a talking point. The greasy road p0int was highlighted as mentioned above when Steve lost his front wheel on a seemingly innocuous bend and took a tumble causing James to follow him onto the deck. Hope there are no lasting effects guys, it could have been worse and it just wouldn’t have been a KCC breakfast ride without a tiny bit of Drama! 🤗
Lets just say that we were all a wee bit more cautious afterwards. Some good natured chat and banter followed during the 30ish mile ride to the Café and the breakfast service and quality was as good as usual with food ordered finding the person who had ordered it after a couple of attempts lol. Highlight at the Café? The bemused ‘who are they’ look on the face of one of the young film crew when asked if he thought Mark Gilly looked like the guy from Spandau Ballet 😂
It was also good to be joined at the Café for a while by members Rob Robert Acklam and Ali Alistair Donaldson.
We mostly had a back wind for the ride back to HQ and were fortunate only to encounter a couple of mild showers. Lee Twidale had a strong ride at times and found himself getting carried away and 30 metres out in front at one point – looking sprightly Lee, get some miles in and you’ll fly. Note to Mark Gilmour and James Poulsom, Daisy hill is not a Categorised climb so it does not count as a hill session or earn KOM points for getting up it first!
Great ride out, with lovely people providing great company and camaraderie, thank you - great club, great people, great vibe.
One final warning, Kevin Beswick normally comes alive and gets excited as soon as he gets a sniff of Wawne Ramp. On today's ride I wondered why we were turning into Dunvegan Road from Saltshouse road whilst on our way back to HQ. When we turned at the mini roundabout Mike meanwell's eyes sort of flashed red (a bit like Arnie’s in terminator) and he was heard to mutter ‘hill, go fast’ as he shot off down it and into the distance – Mike! Don’t get obsessive, Ok you got a top ten but have a word with yourself, Strava is just a useful activity app and good for collecting data to assist training etc.
Anyway, back to HQ and a couple of reruns for the cameras – like you do, a bit of a wind down chat and I earned a good soaking from the rain when adding on an extra 10 miles to complete Februaries Strava Gran Fondo. Oops, GARRY! don't get obsessive, have a word with yourself…😆😆😂😂

Garry Hutchinson 

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